Pre-Season 2014

September 19th, 2014  / Author: wr2win

2nd – Booster Club Meeting
2nd & 4th – Conditioning
9th & 11th – Conditioning
12th Football game – Peanut Fundraiser
13th – ALX Team Party
16th & 18th – Conditioning
23rd & 25th – Conditioning
30th – Conditioning

2nd – Conditioning
5th – Leadership Training (Captains & Seniors only)
7th, 8th, & 9th – Conditioning
14th, 15th, & 16th – Conditioning
18th – ALX 24 Hour TOUGH Challenge
21st, 22nd, & 23rd – Conditioning
25th – ALX “TOUGH ENOUGH” Pre-Season Tournament
27th – Wrestling Season Begins!!!!!!!!!!

ALX in Fargo 2014

July 26th, 2014  / Author: wr2win

ALX invaded Fargo, North Dakota for the USA Greco & Freestyle Nationals. The team was represented by 113 Brentyn Russell, 138 Roman Boylen, and 152 Willy Dieckmann. All three wrestlers wrestled hard and came away with much needed experience for future success. The highlight of the trip was Roman Boylen coming away with an All-American status in Greco finishing 4th in the Nation. The entire ALX Family is very proud of his accomplishment!!!